Nelms Family in Canada

Cook NELMS was baptised Cook Elms at Shabbington on 23 Mar 1766. He married Mary NORTH at Shabbington on 26 April 1791 (after banns had been published on 20 Feb, 27 Feb and 6 Mar). The curate, Thomas Plaskett, married them and the witnesses were William Tipping and Mary Broom. Mary was baptised at Ickford, Bucks on 13 Jul 1761 and died in 1834. Her parents were Thomas NORTH and Mary. Cook was buried on 22 Jun 1834 and Mary was buried on 30 Mar 1834. Cook and Mary's children were all baptised at Shabbington and were Thomas (25 Dec 1791), George (23 Jul 1793), Cook (18 Jan 1795), Josiah (25 Jun 1797), James (19 May 1799), Rebekah (2 May 1802) and Susannah (25 Dec 1809).

Josiah (1797) married Mary BRADBURY on 17 Oct 1818. Mary was born at Shabbington on 24 Feb 1799. George NELMS, a great grandson of Josiah and Mary, was born in Thame, Oxfordshire in 1905 and emigrated to Canada in 1912. George’s father was Charles (1868) who was a son of Cook (1857) and Emma TAYLOR. Cook’s father was Josiah. In the 1950s George was the Mayor of Ottawa. He had a son, Larry.

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